Aug 21, 2012

Mass Effect 2 - Some Sexual References

Finding a Quarian complaining about how she can't find anyone to date, she eventually mentions how she's got what's essentially a masturbation function built into her suit. Neat:
Also, a Titillating Alien Magazine:

Keywords: nerve-stimulation program, Fornax,

Aug 13, 2012

Sexual Sprays, Part 5 - Porn

Random sprays encountered while playing Team Fortress 2 & Counter Strike: Source.
Today's theme: Porn but with an Asian theme.
Illuminated tits.
A rather boring spray there.

Under tit shot and furry bitch (but that's for another post).
Chubby Japanese slut showing thick body, tits and pussy.
Someone mad that they can't tit fuck this big breasted bitch.

Sorry about this disturbing pic, but it's damn funny.

Aug 8, 2012

Lengthy WoW ERP

Don't know if anyone wants to read all this but there it is.