Apr 29, 2013

Sexual Sprays, Part 11 - Porn

Um, some sluts, I guess.

Um, one slut, I suppose.
They're super effective! Har.

Not as effective when concealed.

Pony Gordon Freeman disapproves of the muddy slut.

A much better corporate slide show.
Looks like a great server to play on.
Yeah, I've seen this one, it's a good episode.

Apr 12, 2013

Second Life - Sexy Elves, Piss and Torture

Found some zone with all these horny, 2D animated Elves.

Lesbian ones too.
And ones in bondage.

Yes, that piss was animated...

As was this torture chamber you can put your character in.

Yes, it all comes back out once it's pumped in...
Don't know what this bizarre abomination is.