Oct 7, 2013


Any new screenshots will now be posted amongst the mess that is my Tumblr blog:

It's just easier that way (for me anyways).

Jul 29, 2013

Second Life - Beastly Tentacle Violations

Tentacles making that bitch cum.

Double penetration water rape?!

The thrusting penetration was actually nicely animated.

More tentacle rape.

Oral is also a possibility.

Shoot that green cum up into that bitch.

Not the kind of penetration I was expecting.

That's one hot horse, har har.

Jul 22, 2013

Sexual Sprays, part 12 - More Furries

A rather simplistic image, not all that worthy of a spray.
Nearly anything is preferable to the hideous spray behind it.
Freaken' furries, fapping to that defenseless squirrel.
Sweet ass furry bitch, I think, kinda too dark to tell.
Literal raping of your cartoon memories.
Orange ass furry bitch,
Disproportionate Cartoon Furry Bukkake
Hm, wait, I think they've all got penises.

Jun 25, 2013

Second Life - Sexual Beasts

You can pretty much sit on anything.
That's better.
So many fun activities!
Nice doggy.
Yes, really nice...
I doubt the horse can do that.
How ironic...