Dec 20, 2012

Breasts of Skyrim

There's tons of mods which are much more explicit than this stuff, of course, but here's some random sexy stuff that's already part of the game as it is.

Sexy statues, yay.
Probably the closest to actual nudity in the game.

Some furry looking thing that isn't really furry.

Nice wooden ass.

Occasionally, you can run across these kind of Renaissance fair style tits and cleavage.

More sexy statues.

Stripping dead bitches is a popular pastime.

So is slaughtering them, but only their heads can come off and only randomly at that.

Keywords: Skyrim, Sultry Maiden, Spriggans, Dibella statue, Daedric Nocturnal

Dec 19, 2012

TERA Randomness

Climbing ladders is fun!

So is running!
Some sluty NPC.

With such giant axes, no metal was left for armor.
Even the rocks are sexy!

Yes, that giant horse is also a member of the "Lust" guild.
Yet another slut, [sigh]...
Nice pair (note the names).
Keywords: TERA Online, Niralia, ass, Elin

Dec 15, 2012

The Blocky Babes of Deus Ex (part 2) - Hong Kong

Sexy legs and stockings on her.

But you can only get a peek at her panties if she's dead.
If you hire/pay them, they'll follow you around the club.

"I spill my drink!"-guy wanting more.
Dancing lesbians.

One of whom admires the other's tattoo.

Keywords: Deus Ex, Hong Kong, Boris, Lisa, Young Escort, School Girl, Carole, lesbian, Mamasan, Lucky Money Club

Dec 7, 2012

Street Fighter IV - Sexually Suggestive Screenshots

Singe her snatch.

Hard, rapid, cunt fisting.
The proper position for deep anal insertion.

Lining that ass up.
A quick peek.

Bam! Right in the... yeah...
I have no idea what move combination resulted in this.
He's just inflating him, that's all.
How some people might feel after viewing these... bleh.

Dec 4, 2012

Sexual Sprays, Part 8 - CS:S Ass Edition

Random sprays encountered while playing Counter Strike: Source.
Today's theme: Porn but with an ass theme.

Nov 30, 2012

Hitman: Blood Money - part 1

Pretty much every level in Hitman: Blood Money has some kind of sluty female NPCs:
Leave them in a pool of blood...
...or drag them around to dump in a box or off a ledge.
Sexy nurse...

...with such a fine and exposed neck to strangle.
Now this bitch here, has to be killed...

...or at least knocked out as part of the objective.
Keywords: Death of a Showman, Flatline, A New Life, Sinistra's wife