Jun 29, 2012

Doom Fetish Slut Vixen

Some enemy fetish demon bitch encountered while playing Doom coop on Skulltag with a custom mod (or .wad file as they're called in Doom) :

Jun 27, 2012

Random Second Life Nudity

Sex and nudity used to be a lot more common in Second Life.  Nowadays, it's all restricted to adult-only zones that only allow those who are willing to submit a credit card number.  Nevertheless, you can still occasionally encounter it outside those areas.

That guy's stare is rather disturbing, good thing that slut's shiny heels are a good distraction.
Big hands, big feet, big cock, small heads.

Jun 22, 2012

Women of ArmA 2

A gallery of some the available female models in Arma 2.  When their health levels are lowered in the in-game editor, they appear bruised, bloodied and moaning.  They can't be equipped with weapons but can be shot.  Now that's sexist! (but seriously, the developers just didn't feel like putting in the model animations for it).

Jun 21, 2012

Jun 18, 2012

Star Trek Online

Where you can meet green Orion slave sluts:
 And heat up a Klingon bitches snatch with a phaser:

Jun 16, 2012

Sexual Sprays, Part 3 - Porn

Random sprays encountered while playing Team Fortress 2.  Today's theme: Porn!
Crits related.
Medic approves that soaped up ass.
Tattooed goth bitch.
Be grateful for the bag for who knows what horror it hides!
Beware the sexy sluts that lurk in vents.
Scout prefers tacos over tits.

Oblivion - Posing the Dead

Sure is fun stripping and posing dead bitches in Oblivion:
Sexy legs, lets get her on that bed...
Okay, lets just spread her here,
bitch was too heavy to get on the bed...
Arrow to the womb
makes a good contraceptive.
Sexy smooth pale skin,
too bad her head already necrotized.
Pretty one.  Can't even tell she's dead.
Hot bitch, literally, har har.
Okay, this one ain't dead.  Nice ass and body...
...bad face though.

Jun 14, 2012

WoW Quest

Interesting quest text.  Something about nudity, so yeah, naturally I had to take a screenshot:

UT2004 Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon skins/models for Unreal Tournament 2004 gave some great upskirt panty shots.