Feb 18, 2013

Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force - Randomness

Klingon titties, always a classic.

Too bad about the face though.

Can't run that program, unfortunately.

Orion Slave slut.

Feb 12, 2013

TERA Elin Edition

Fierce guardians of the palace! Cute, aren't they?
But you already got a hat that big!

Neat outfit.

These have malicious intent!  Cute, aren't they?

Only one person on the server got to spell it properly.

The game may be free to play but swimsuits cost extra.

Hm, that might actually be a human girl.

Yeah, hips and thighs don't look as outrageous.

Keywords: TERA Online, Elin, Palace Knights, Ketyna, Lienyn, Ronelyn, Sorcha, swimsuit, Lakhia, Carsons

Feb 6, 2013

Hitman: Blood Money - part 3 - Heaven

Welcome to the Heaven.
...which is apparently is full of sluts.
Fine ass angel bitch.

Great view.

Best not to antagonize these knife-wielding bitches.

They jump around all over the place.

The one singing is one of the targets for this mission.

Good view of that body before putting this this bitch down.

Keywords/Missions featured: A Dance with the Devil