Nov 30, 2012

Hitman: Blood Money - part 1

Pretty much every level in Hitman: Blood Money has some kind of sluty female NPCs:
Leave them in a pool of blood...
...or drag them around to dump in a box or off a ledge.
Sexy nurse...

...with such a fine and exposed neck to strangle.
Now this bitch here, has to be killed...

...or at least knocked out as part of the objective.
Keywords: Death of a Showman, Flatline, A New Life, Sinistra's wife

Nov 21, 2012

The Blocky Babes of Deus Ex (part 1)

They may have a low polygon count, but they got great legs:

Caught at a (giant) toilet.

Save this used up looking whore from a beating...
...and she won't even lift that flimsy top as thanks.

With such great legs...'s a shame she doesn't have more poses.
Keywords: Deus Ex, UNATCO HQ, Hong Kong, New York, Janice Reed, Shannon, Sandra Renton, Janey, Maggie Chow

Nov 14, 2012

TERA Teasing

This cutie advertizing some store...

...and what better way to do it than showing panties!
Never know when an even slutier character will walk in when taking screenshots.

Cute body.
Nothing like bare tits in your capital city.
...even if they're just statue nipples.
Tits almost spilling out on this sluty elven bitch.
Nice ass on her too.
Keywords: TERA Online, Meade's Dahlia, Velika, Lok Believer

Nov 13, 2012

Fallout 3 - Gruesome Sexual Gore

No mods were used in the creation of these screenshots:
World's oldest profession survives the nuclear holocaust.

Don't know why you'd want to pay extra when...
...there's always bitch meat for capture in the wild.

Available for stripping and posing.
As well as dismembering... all sorts of ways.
Don't like the body? Remove it just as any other limb.

And of course everyone's seen this thing.
Keywords: Fallout 3, Nova, Raider, Susan Lancaster, Anne Holt, Dukov's Place

Nov 6, 2012

Sexual Sprays, Part 7 - Hentai

Random sprays encountered while playing Team Fortress 2.  Today's theme: Hentai
Big tits, big dick, big cum!
Cute titties and yes, Obama won.
Nothing like a bit of hard rape to liven up a match.
Cute pic, it was animated.
Medic getting fucked just when you need a heal.

Monday Night Combat bitches fucked.
A harsh depiction of a sexy warcrime in progress.
Cute set of stacked, tight, pink, sex holes.