May 31, 2012

MUGEN Rape Scenes



The names of some high level individuals have been protected while others proudly exposed for their eager slutyness.

Melons is no whore, yet.  She still needs to level quite a long way before being able to charge for it. 
So says the law of Stormwind.
Futa succubus tit fuck action. (Also, someone was defeated in a duel)
Stick that level 3 "love stick" into my level 1 pussy!
Cocks IRL
Dickgirl or "futa" as they're known in some parts...

May 29, 2012

Oblivion Randomness

Ah yes, a copy of the infamous "Lusty Argonian Maid".  This guy has read it:
Also, Powdered Deer Penis:

Alyx Raped and Nude - GMod

Deciding to give Gordon a little bit of motivation, Alyx strips down and poses seductively on one of the few, as yet unsoiled, mattresses in City 17.
  Unfortunately, before the fun can begin, the Combine burst in and charge them both with unlawful fornication.  Not before engaging in some themselves with the now vulnerable and disarmed Alyx of course.  Shame to leave a bitch in heat... well, in heat after all.
(A short (and lame) vid of the violation can be downloaded here)

 Shortly thereafter, she's taken to a prisoner processing center.  There, she's photographed, porn casting-style, and kept for future reproductive experimentation and eventual Stalker conversion.

Battlefield 2 Server Image

Nice group of sluts in this server image encountered in Battlefield 2.

GTA:SA Randomness

Random pics taken while playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

May 24, 2012

Starcraft 2 "dat ass" Install Screen

As you install Starcraft 2, you get a retelling of the story from the first game along with a slide show of images.  One of the first features some fine Kerrigan Ghost ass.  Sadly, I don't recall it ever looking that good in the original.

Second Life Shops

If you like those 3D  Poser-type pics, then you'll love Second Life (if you can ignore the clunky, bad interface, needlessly complex controls and lengthy online streaming times).  It's full of in-game stores selling nude skins, models and accessories for your character.  That's of course if you're willing to spend real money on them...
Everything from thick ass bitches... genital jewellery... prego bellies... tan-lines... fetish gear of every description...
(including transparent shiny body suits)

 shoes... multi-coloured Twi'leks is on sale!

A Tribute to Cammy('s ass)

Just look at that ass!
Look at it!
 Hottest winning pose of all the Street Fighter bitches ever.
Looks great in defeat too, har har.
Lucky Zangief