Jul 31, 2012

Random Second Life Sluts

One of the prettiest and cutest strippers in all of Second Life
A rather impressive and well done Bayonetta.
Some rubber/latex fetish slut.

Never mind the Eva unit I was playing as at the time...
Some bitch in pink.
Some disproportionate slut.
A rather regular looking girl, okay, rather weird for SL.

Looked pretty normal from the rear too.
Some totally tattooed bitch.

That skin must have cost a lot or take a lot of work.

Jul 26, 2012

Jul 23, 2012

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 weirdness

I doubt you'd find these kind of advertisements on cabs in some Middle Eastern city:

Nor a gnome admiring a blow-up doll in a trailer park:

Pixel nudity in Urban Legend

A barely known and rather simplistic turn-based strategy game called Urban Legend has this easily missed bit of pixelated nudity pictured on some kind of photo porn booth:

Jul 19, 2012

Half-Life Assassins

Shame that the rather simplistic polygon graphics of Half-Life limit the sexiness of the female assassins it features.  These skin-tight outfit bitches would have looked great in Half-Life 2.  After facing them in combat, however, it's probably for the best that their presence is kept to a minimum.


Jul 12, 2012

Sexual Sprays, Part 4 - Hentai

Random sprays encountered while playing Team Fortress 2.  Today's theme: Hentai
Go around that corner or keep staring?
A beautiful depiction of the sexual act.

Always nice to find a pair of ginormous tits at the spawn.

Not nice to threaten such willing cuties with a frying pan.
K-on cuties.
Some fantasy cutie attempting to distract the enemy team.